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Downtown Revitalization

Ashland’s Downtown Revitalization

Our Vision for Ashland Ashland shall promote its architecture to both residential and commercial opportunities. Ashland will also enhance and market its historical and cultural resources for tourism. Located at the intersection of Routes 54 and 61, Ashland will serve as a western gateway into the region. Ashland shall build upon its potential for tourism …

Downtown Revitalization

Girardville Downtown Revitalization

Our Vision for Girardville Girardville, while located along Route 54, is an important connector of communities within the region. Girardville has strong community support and will enhance its downtown convenience center serving its neighborhoods. Girardville will grow its resident-related facilities and services. Girardville will develop and support businesses by providing professional office space and services. …

Downtown Revitalization

Shenandoah’s Downtown Revitalization

Our Vision for Shenandoah Shenandoah, along Routes 54 and 924 is both a connector and “regional intersection”. Like other towns in this region it is an ethnically diverse and religious community. Shenandoah will market this diversity, through ethnic restaurants and other ethnic food-related businesses. Shenandoah will improve its retail potential by ensuring it is a …