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Welcome to Mahanoy City

Mahanoy City, situated at the intersection of Route 339 and Route 54, is a gateway into the region from the east and from the north via Route 81.

This community has a great sense of pride and volunteer support. Mahanoy City will enhance its downtown and promote its sense of community and low-cost of living. It will be a clean, green and safe community and create a place where people want to live and work.

Mahanoy City was established as a borough in 1863, and played a central role in Schuylkill County's Anthracite coal production during the Industrial Revolution. It was a hub for the infamous Molly Maguires - a clandestine society of Irish coal miners who engaged in violent confrontation against anthracite companies in the 19th century to protest labor injustice.

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To commemorate this facet of Upper Schuylkill history, a monument to the Mollies designed by renowned sculptor Zenos Frudakis will be erected at the corner of Center and Catawissa Streets in the borough and dedicated in the near future.

Another famous local tale is that of the Peddler's Grave, which still exists today on privately owned land and is the site of a small stone marker commemorating the life of an innocent peddler who was slain and robbed while traveling the mountain road between Mahanoy City and Ringtown. In days gone by, local lore and pristine surrounds made the site a popular hiking spot. Occasionally environmental organizations - with landowner permission - organize guided hikes to the site.

Mahanoy City was also home to the famous Kaier Brewery and is the birthplace of cable television. Visitors can spend the night at the Kaier Mansion Bed & Breakfast, and explore the rich history found in this welcoming community.

Mahanoy City Borough Hall

239 East Pine Street

Mahanoy City, PA 17948


Nancy A Petritsch , Mayor

Thomas E. Oblas, Council President

Dan Lynch , Manager

Elementary, Secondary and Special Education

Mahanoy Area School District

Marian Catholic High School

Academy of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Schuylkill Intermediate Unit #29

St. Joseph’s Center for Special Learning

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