Frackville Downtown Revitalization

Our Vision for Frackville

Frackville, along Route 61, is easily accessible to Route 81. This community serves as a gateway into the region from the north or the south. Frackville will develop and market its accessibility into the area, to create a place where people want to stop, rather than just drive through.

Frackville will develop a high quality of life for its residents, particularly its increasing elderly population. Acting as the main gateway and crossroads into the region, Frackville’s downtown will become a magnet for visitors, new residents and new business owners.

About Frackville Downtown Revitalization

The Frackville Downtown Revitalization steering committee, while still in its organizational phase, is moving forward using the Main Street Four Point Approach with the assistance of Upper Schuylkill. With the Borough Officials of Frackville primarily taking the lead on this exciting initiative, more and more community volunteers are coming forward to make a positive difference in their central business district.

Goals and Objectives are being developed for the community with exciting new projects planned for the near future on Frackville main street. The Frackville Design Committee is proactive and has proven their talents by working along with property and business owners to enhance and rehabilitate facades along Lehigh Avenue. You’ll see a streetscape program beginning Summer 2006, to kick-off the downtown revitalization efforts.

With Frackville being the main gateway into the Upper Schuylkill Region their community participation in downtown revitalization is vital. Frackville Downtown meets on the 2nd Thursday of each month at the Borough Hall. New members are always welcome and encouraged to become involved!