Girardville Downtown Revitalization

Our Vision for Girardville

Girardville, while located along Route 54, is an important connector of communities within the region. Girardville has strong community support and will enhance its downtown convenience center serving its neighborhoods. Girardville will grow its resident-related facilities and services. Girardville will develop and support businesses by providing professional office space and services.

Girardville community support provides the foundation for many community supported events. The community will develop more events to promote its identity for local tourism and recreation. Girardville will become one of the regional recreation and events hub.

About Girardville Pride

Girardville PRIDE (Partners for Revitalization with Interest in Downtown Expansion) was incorporated in October of 2004. This grass-roots organization, which has structured itself according to the Four-Point Main Street Approach, is a stellar example of a determined and adaptable community based non-profit group fighting to organize and bring about active community advocacy efforts to positively affect change in its local community. Girardville PRIDE, a Main Street Affiliate candidate, under the attentive, nurturing guidance of Upper Schuylkill Downtowns, continues to instill the desire, education, capability, and drive to succeed within the residents of the community itself. A strong work ethic and a boundless spirit of generosity from individuals and community service organizations has maintained and strengthened the socio-economic ecology of the town of Girardville.

Girardville PRIDE’s first priority is the creation of a healthy downtown. We believe that a vital downtown is crucial to the heritage, economic health, and civic pride of the entire community for several reasons. A healthy downtown creates and retains jobs, establishes a stronger tax base, and increases the community’s options for goods and services such as clothing, food, professional services, food, housing, and entertainment. Girardville PRIDE is growing with each passing month and eagerly welcomes new members in an effort to create a more cohesive, capable, educated, and empowered community.

As this new century begins in earnest, small towns and communities still face many challenges, but there is ample hope. Girardville PRIDE believes that if we harness the power inherent in our own community, the possibilities are endless. We are striving to create a downtown that is a symbol of our community’s values. A healthy downtown indicates a high quality of life and will help us promote our welcoming nature and strong family-based community heritage. Girardville PRIDE’s goal in the development and marketing of a healthy commercial district is to attract business owners and families to a town that really is “More than Meets the Eye”.

Girardville PRIDE meets on the Last Monday of each month at Girardville
Borough Hall. New members are always welcome.

Key Girardville PRIDE Accomplishments since 2004

  • Annual Christmas House Decorating Contest
  • Annual Fall House Decorating Contest
  • Town wide Clean-Ups
  • Christmas Baking Contest and Community Caroling with our Partner the New Life Community Church
  • Annual Town-Wide Yard Sale
  • Clean and Green Program- Assistance to the elderly and disabled with yard work
  • Business recruitment and retention assistance
  • Creation of Girardville Neighborhood PRIDE Day event
  • Assisted other community organizations with event promotions and fundraising
  • Sponsorship of art exhibit
  • Annual sponsorship and decorating of the town Christmas tree
  • Hosting of Christmas tree-lighting event
  • Mobilized to actively prevent the closure of our elementary school

Organizational Benchmarks

  • Formal Incorporation
  • Four-Point Approach Committee Development
  • Drafted and adopted By-Laws
  • Completed application for 501C-3 non profit status
  • Held first official Election of Officers in accordance with By-Laws
  • Completion of several Pennsylvania Downtown Center training sessions for committee members

Promotional and Fundraising Activities

  • Various Craft and Bake Sales
  • Sales of Promotional items bearing Girardville PRIDE logo
  • Creation of “Lucky Duck Derby” rubber duck race event
  • “More than Meets the Eye” gift basket raffle that promoted all in-town businesses
  • Sale of Irish themed merchandise in coordination with town-wide St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Events

2006-2007 Goals

  • Achievement of 501C3 status
  • Attain Main Street Affiliate status
  • Creation of Annual Town Sham ‘Rockin New Years Eve event
  • Town-Wide Flower Planter Beautification program
  • Participation in Upper Schuylkill Homecoming Weekend- A PA state funded tourism initiative
  • Town banner purchase and placement
  • Develop and begin capital campaign drive
  • Plan and organize week-long event commemorating the 175th Anniversary of Girardville
  • Publish, market and sell the “Chowing Down in Gun-Town ” Cookbook featuring famous ethnic recipes from some of our most notorious restaurants, festivals, block parties, and members
  • Develop planned giving program after receiving 501C3 designation
  • Active recruitment of new businesses
  • Completion and Housing of Historic Society at the A Street School Building
  • Coordination of Historical Scavenger Hunt Fundraiser to kick-off opening of Historical Society