Mahanoy City’s Downtown Revitalization

Our Vision for Mahanoy City

Mahanoy City, at the intersection of Route 339 and Route 54, is a gateway into the region from the east and from the north via Route 81. This community has a great sense of pride and volunteer support. Mahanoy City will enhance its downtown and promote its sense of community and low-cost of living. It will be a clean, green and safe community and create a place where people want to live and work.

Mahanoy City will focus on the many business opportunities available in its downtown, to become the service hub for the region that will support both local residents and those of the region.

About Mahanoy Downtown, Inc.

In January 2004, Upper Schuylkill Downtowns brought a group of energetic Mahanoy City people together to discuss ways to make Mahanoy City a better place to live, work and play. Within a few months Mahanoy Downtown, Inc. (MDI) formed with a mission to revitalize Mahanoy City’s downtown. MDI is a non-profit organization committed to carrying out that mission.

MDI is based on strong community support and volunteers made up of residents, merchants, property owners and community leaders. We work with many partners within the community that share the same common goals. In the past two years, Mahanoy Downtown, Inc. has accomplished some great things. From our first informational “Town Meeting” to our latest success “Night at the Boardwalk” Mahanoy Downtown, Inc. is on the road to a strong downtown revitalization program.

MDI’s structure follows the Main Street Program Four-Point Approach and includes four primary committees – Organization, Promotion, Design, and Economic Restructuring, including a Board of Directors overseeing the committee activities. The Main Street Program, a proven revitalization program, was developed by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. During the next few years, MDI will continue to develop its strong foundation to improve the quality of life in Mahanoy City through downtown revitalization.

Mahanoy Downtown, Inc. meets on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at the Mahanoy Downtown Center 3rd Floor Conference Room.

Key MDI accomplishments since January 2004

  • Conducted first Town Meeting in 2004
  • Developed and formulated By-laws
  • Held First Annual MDI “Night at the Boardwalk” in July 2005
  • Sponsor annual community yard sale and clean sweep events
  • Held first successful Friday night “Business Mixer”
  • Participant in Upper Schuylkill new business “welcome” and MDI “welcome wreath” program
  • Participant in Upper Schuylkill Pedestrian and Motorist Safety Program
  • Participant in the Upper Schuylkill Regional Low-Cost, High-Impact Pedestrian Safety Initiative
  • Participated in the 2005 Regional Visioning with Upper Schuylkill Downtowns and the PA Downtown Center
  • Secured grants through Upper Schuylkill Downtowns
  • Partnered with the Mahanoy City Public Library to save old borough newspapers
  • Assisted Borough Council obtain $337,500 in grants through the PA Hometown Streets Program

Goals in 2006 and 2007

  • Achieve non-profit 501(c)3 status
  • Initiate Capital Campaign Program
  • Develop community calendar
  • Complete Mahanoy City Downtown Profile for submission to state Main Street officials
  • Participate in the Upper Schuylkill Homecoming Weekend (Labor Day)
  • Participate in Upper Schuylkill Downtown Facade Improvement Program
  • Complete Construction of Phase I of the Hometown Streets Curbs and Sidewalks Project
  • Develop Business Recruitment Program
  • Increase Borough tax base