Ringtown’s Downtown Revitalization

Our Vision for Ringtown

As the region’s northern gateway, Ringtown or Ringtown Valley off of Route 339 is a small community that will enhance its many historic buildings, for both residential and commercial use. Ringtown will focus its identity on adjacent farmland and natural resources. It will market its rural, agricultural character and small town quality of life.

Ringtown offers its residents and its visitors a variety of year round recreational opportunities including fishing, hunting and other outdoor activities. Ringtown will enhance and promote its predominately agricultural characteristics through markets, festivals and agricultural-based businesses. Ringtown will be a clean and green community that promotes a healthy lifestyle for its residents and visitors. Ringtown will be the regional agricultural services hub.

About Main Street Ringtown

Main Street Ringtown is Upper Schuylkill most recent member. Within the past several months and through the leadership of Upper Schuylkill, the Ringtown folks have been recruiting neighbors, businesses and friends to develop their Main Street Ringtown program. Although the community has a very small business district, Ringtown’s main street is quaint with a beautiful mix of residential buildings surrounded by farmland and new residential developments. As their steering committee grows in numbers their goal is to qualify for State funded programs such as Elm Street or a Main Street Affiliate.

The Ringtown Valley is a growing area with scenic views and a relaxing atmosphere that draws young families to the community. The enthusiasm and participation of the Main Street Ringtown volunteers has proven to be a positive addition to the Upper Schuylkill program.

Although the formation of a strong Board of Directors and Committees is their most important goal, plans for particular projects are on the drawing board. Their first project, Main Street Ringtown “logo contest”, was very successful with logo ideas submitted by both young and old. A banner program and fundraising activities are next on the agenda.

With all that Ringtown has to offer our Upper Schuylkill visitors and Ringtown residents, success with a revitalization program is very important. Main Street Ringtown meets on the last Wednesday of each month at Aurand Memorial Methodist Church Social room on Main Street at 6:30 pm. New members are needed and encouraged to become involved!