Shenandoah’s Downtown Revitalization

Our Vision for Shenandoah

Shenandoah, along Routes 54 and 924 is both a connector and “regional intersection”. Like other towns in this region it is an ethnically diverse and religious community. Shenandoah will market this diversity, through ethnic restaurants and other ethnic food-related businesses.

Shenandoah will improve its retail potential by ensuring it is a clean and vibrant downtown. It will encourage businesses that support local residents and tourists, such as its ethnic restaurants and other niche establishments. Shenandoah shall become the hub of commercial activity in the region.

About Downtown Shenandoah, Inc.

Downtown Shenandoah, Inc. (DSI) is a group of business and property owners, residents and concerned citizens who have a communal desire to see Shenandoah return to a position of prominence and prosperity. Created in 2002 and Incorporated in 2003, DSI has been diligently working towards the primary goal of entrance into the PA Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) Main Street Program which they have achieved in March 2006. Through this five year program, DSI will be awarded funds from the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED).

Vision and Mission

Our vision is to return downtown Shenandoah to an active pedestrian-oriented business district that will promote and sustain further economic, cultural and civic growth within the Borough of Shenandoah.

Our mission is to stimulate economic development by encouraging cooperation and building leadership in the business community; to develop a marketing strategy that will provide an improved retail mix, strengthen the tax base, increase investor confidence; to build a viable tourism effort; to promote a unified, quality image of downtown Shenandoah as a center of goods and services; and to create an attractive, coordinated visual impression of Shenandoah through façade improvements streetscape and historic preservation of our existing buildings.

In order to work toward our goals, DSI meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 5:30 p.m. in the Downtown Shenandoah, Inc. office located at 116 North Main Street.

Key DSI accomplishments since 2002

  • The incorporation of Downtown Shenandoah, Inc. in 2003
  • Accepted organizational by-laws
  • A completed downtown profile as per State requirements
  • Attained 501c3 nonprofit status
  • Partner of Upper Schuylkill Downtown regional revitalization initiative
  • Organized first Shenandoah “Car Cruise”
  • Successful Downtown Shenandoah “Town Meeting”
  • DSI Capital Campaign “Return to Prominence” has reached $91,000. Kick-off February, 2005
  • Acceptance into DCED Main Street Program – March 2006
  • Participant in Upper Schuylkill Pedestrian/Motorist Safety Initiative
  • Participant in Upper Schuylkill Pilot PennDOT safety grant program
  • Advertisements in Schuylkill County Visitors Guide to promote tourism
  • DSI “Clean Sweep”
  • DSI “Easter Bonnet Contest”
  • Participant in Shenandoah “Heritage Day”
  • Participant in Ashland “Pioneer Day”
  • Participant in Upper Schuylkill Homecoming Weekend
  • Member PA Downtown Center
  • Performed initial marketing analysis and published results in economic positioning strategy report
  • Secured Main Street Office
  • Developed Longenberger Basket Calendar Sale
  • Sponsored “The Tommy Dorsey Band”
  • Sponsored “Christmas Tree Lighting and Performance”
  • Participating in Upper Schuylkill Façade Improvement Program


  • Hiring of a Main Street Manager
  • Securing a Main Street Office
  • Business Recruitment and Retention
  • Participate in Upper Schuylkill Façade Improvement Program
  • Building community partnerships
  • Promote regional and local tourism
  • DSI Promotional Sales
  • Develop “Longenberger Basket Calendar” Sales
  • Sponsor “The Tommy Dorsey Band” in concert
  • Develop “Town Wide Yard Sale”
  • Develop Christmas in Downtown Shenandoah